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Our Practitioners

Emily is a Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist with simple approaches to health and wellness, formulating achievable, sustainable and practical foundations to be built upon for optimised health.
Emily has studied the human body systems and how disease states influence each of them, including emotional states.
Emily will take the time to work with you and get to know your health history to uncover the underlying cause. She understands busy modern lives being a working mother, and will focus on a holistic approach to body and mind, whilst working within the means of everyday life.
Areas she can help you with include infant and children's eczema, hypothyroidism, MTHFR gene mutations, pre-conception plans, digestive issues, fatigue, auto immune, poor sleep quality, stress and mood, improving immunity, seasonal allergies and food sensitivities, general women’s health, nutrition advice and more.
"I look forward to learning about how I can support you in your journey, and together how we can work towards maximising your vitality and improving quality of life" - Emily

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