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The history of Western Herbal Medicine dates back to 450BC and was discovered by the 'Father of Medicine" - Hippocrates in ancient Greece. 
Western herbal medicine involves using plants from Europe, Northern America, and parts of Asia to create medicines to help prevent or treat various illnesses, working synergistically with the bodies innate ability to heal itself.
The herb itself may consist of all or some parts of a plant, such as flowers, roots, fruits, leaves, and bark.
It can be used to complement other alternative therapies, and takes into account the whole person, activating each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being.
Herbal remedies can be used to improve or generally support digestive, respiratory, circulatory, immune, endocrine, and nervous systems, help to remove waste and toxins from the body, improve sleep and mood, or topically to promote healing of the skin.
A personalised herbal formula can be made specifically for your individual needs.
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